Posted by: atomfullerene | May 23, 2009

Springtime for…small furry animals

It’s memorial day weekend, a good time for another update.  Things have  been going pretty well since I last left off.  I’ve been working my way through paperwork and papers for Alabama.  Also, I finally got a job-lab tech over at the University.  It will last me for the summer.  I am working in a lab on the agriculture campus, and it’s interesting to compare the differences between there and the ecology labs I’ve worked in.  For one thing, they are loaded!  I mean, three rooms chock full of fancy gas specs and big tanks of nitrogen and multiple fume hoods all in a spiffy new building.  They even have a lab dish washer! (an actual machine-when I worked on the other end of campus I was the dish washer)  Secondly, the professors in charge are almost never in the lab.  And thirdly, I am supposed to throw away a lot of stuff, like test tubes and needles, which other labs I have worked in have washed and reused.  Although considering the chemistry we do that might not be practical.  Anyway, I like the job pretty well, and I find the work easy and rather lower stress than retail.

But you didn’t come here to hear boring details of my life, you want to see pictures!  So here goes.

First, the only painting I’ve done lately.  Go ahead, try to guess the title.


Even if it hadn’t been getting nice and warm lately, I’d still know it was spring.  Why?  Because of all the baby animals I have seen.  First off, a couple of months ago Caryn and I found a baby rat outside of Andy holt.  It was lost and pitiful looking, and we let it go.  I don’t have any pictures of that.  Later, my mother and Gerilyn found a little possum on my front porch.  They caught it and kept it so I could see it.  It was big enough to be on it’s own, but only just.

If you’ve never been around a wild juvenile opossum, I can tell you that they are kind of cute and extremely fiesty.  Despite being small and clumsy, there was no playing dead for this fellow, just a lot of baring of teeth and making this weird growling noise like an overburdened electric motor.



When we let it go the next day, in the back yard, it would walk a couple of feet, get startled, turn around and growl at us.  It was really quite comical.

The next animal I found was more placental and a lot more timid.  I was at the Aquarium, a local fish store, during a sale.  I had Caryn with me.  We were out back looking in the ponds and there was a tiny baby rabbit sitting in the mud on an eroded embankment.  It was only about the size of a hamster.  I pointed it out to her, and then went inside to get my fish.  A few minutes later Caryn comes up to me and says “I’ve got a bunny in my purse”.  I was skeptical, but when I looked there was the little rabbit sitting down in one of the pockets.  See, this is what I have to put up with!  Heh.  Anyway, we took the rabbit home and she brought it to the vet hospital the next time she went to work there.  Hopefully if made it to some wildlife rehabilitation center.  (as a side note, baby bunnies look really angry from certain angles.  Also, Beth I apologize for the lack of pancakes in the picture)


By the way, the fish I was getting at the store was Centropygi bispinosus.  I believe it was one of the fish we had to learn while in Moorea.  Gorgeous fish, but it seems to have injured its mouth somehow.  It’s still eating well though-cleaned out all the fuzzy diatoms in my tank.  It also will not stand still for the camera, so I will leave it as an exercise to the reader to look up a picture.  And that’s about it.



  1. You, my son, are an excellent and interesting blogger!!

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  3. Sweet blog.

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