Posted by: atomfullerene | November 3, 2008

Well, that’s all for now, folk

If you have been checking my blog lately you have probably already figured this out, but I am pretty much done posting.  I’m currently hanging out at Nahant, finishing up my internship.  While things are happening, none of them really seem worth posting about.  And besides, I am really busy trying to get my research presentation done.  One of these days I may re-invent this blog as something else, but for now it’s over.  Kinda sad.  But I managed to catalogue my three seas adventures and that was the goal in the first place.  Farewell!



  1. I enjoyed your photography and humor throughtout this adventure.
    Thanks for keeping us informed!

  2. Sniff…sniff…I hate to see your blog end, Adam! It has been wonderful fun reading your informative comments and seeing the pictures from your adventures. It also reassured me that you were still alive while in Moorea!!! Take care, my son, and know that you are loved by your family.

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