Posted by: atomfullerene | September 3, 2008

Redwoods and home

I’m currently home now, for a total time of just under a week.  It’s very nice to be back in warm weather, and to see my friends and family, and to not see any buckets.  I have maybe been using my time a little suboptimally, although I am almost entirely packed.  If only writing up my project and finding work or school for this spring wasn’t hanging over my head.

But anyway, on to the redwoods.  I may not have gotten to do much besides work during my stay in Bodega Bay, but Matt did take me to see the redwoods one evening.  I really enjoyed it.  I took some pictures, but unfortunatly they weren’t the best.  These trees are really big in a way hard to capture on camera, and it was getting late so my pictures are blurry.  But the best are below.

There I am, for scale.  Like I said, these are big trees.

An upward facing picture of a redwood.  You can’t see it very well, but the undergrowth here is pretty thin.  You can see quite a long way between the trunks.

This picture is blurry due to low light conditions, but I think it conveys the size of the trees better than any other pictures I have taken.

As you can see, there is fery little undergrowth here.  It makes for a nice effect and better views.

One last shot through the trees.

These trees are all California coastal redwoods, although I did see a couple planted (but enormous) Giant Sequoias on the way out to the forest.  I also saw numerous little houses nestled into redwood woods.  They were really neat neighborhoods.


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