Posted by: atomfullerene | August 22, 2008

Acute temperature experiment

A lot has been going on out here lately.  I’ve had some animal encounters (which will be put up when I have pictures) and we have been invaded by art students from Davis (which is cool, I want to paint too!).  But today I post on my project.  I have just finished the lab portion of it, and I’m definitely getting results.

Basically what I did was expose some fouling community organisms to high temperatures for short time periods.  I initially wanted to do some sort of disturbance experiment, and Matt and Cascade suggested a temperature disturbance.

There’s my setup.  We looked at acute (25C) and normal (15C or thereabouts) temperatures,  with adults and juveniles.  Here are some tank close ups.

This tank is a cool temperature one.  The community is sitting there chillin’ and saying “we cool.”

This is a tank being heat shocked.  It is NOT happy–the community is going “ARRGH!!! It burns!!!  ARRGH!!!  Ohhh my lopophores! They are burning!  Ohh the Chordatity!!!”

I’m actually a bit worried that the heat killed somethings, and the crashing water quality killed the rest.  It would be hard to tease apart those effects without redoing the experiment.  Also, I wonder if we didn’t keep the critters too warm.  But still, I think things are going okay.  Stay tuned for data.

this is a picture of all my adult plates from the second run, the top row is the low temp, the bottom row is the high temp.  You can see quite a difference right there, with the healthy orange ones and the slimy grey high temperature ones.  Be glad you can’t smell them.  In the immortal words of Liz Bentley “You’re disgusting !”  And with that I will leave you for now.



  1. Very cool…thanks for the update.
    See you this Friday!

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