Posted by: atomfullerene | July 22, 2008

Summer break is over

Summer break is over, which means it is time I started posting on my blog again.  I guess I will provide a brief (it has to be brief, i don’t want to miss dinner) rundown of the past events of the  summer.

I basically spent most of the time at my house, saw Caryn a few times, went to the beach, and worked a little at fins ‘n skins.  The beach was the most noteable part, (i mean, i probably liked getting to see Caryn more, but you all don’t want to read about it).  We went deep sea fishing on Gary Brown’s boat and caught a wide variety of fish.  Saw some neat marine life too.  It was nice.

Lately I also picked up Carcassone, a great board game.  Look it up sometime.

Anyway, thats all for now, I mainly just wanted to get chronologically caught up.  Expect some pictures from Bodega Bay (where I am now) soon.

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