Posted by: atomfullerene | May 4, 2008

Boat trip #2

Finally, the next boat trip.   We headed out in a nice, big boat for  Santa Barbara Island, which is  west of Catalina Island.  On the way we split up into teams and did some birdwatching.  Here is my team…aren’t we cool?

The ride across the channel was about two hours long, and a nice trip, if somewhat sleepy.  When we got nearer to the island we ran into a pod of dolphins.  Again, I got some nice video of them jumping out of the water, but it won’t transfer to the internet.  This is the best photo I have, but it is nowhere near as good as the video of the dolphin jumping repeatedly straight out of the water.

When we arrived at the island, it was time for the main event, swimming with sea lions!  This totally rocked…all the juvenile sea lions would swim out to see us when we snorkeled over.  They circled around us, checked us out, and followed us back to the boat.  Pretty awesome.  My friend Zach got some video, which hopefully will actually show up below.  By the way, that isn’t me in the video.

If that didn’t work, here are some pictures of the ones that stopped by the boat.  They said something about a missing bukket.

Anyway, after hanging out with the seals a while we got some really tasty lunch, followed by excellent chocolate cake.  This was a snazzy boat!  After lunch we circumnavigated the island, which is quite small.  It had a stunning coastline with lots of sea caves and arches.

Very pretty indeed.   After all the excitement and all the food, everyone pretty much crashed and napped the whole ride back.


  1. The sea lion video worked great and was awesome!! What a fabulous experience.

  2. Adam, I love the pictures. Sounds like you are having a good time. Also, it sounds like you are getting plenty to eat. Think of that —chocolate cake.

    I know you are looking forward to seeing your parents–and they also are looking forward to seeing you. Take care – Grandmother

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