Posted by: atomfullerene | April 20, 2008

Mostly marine birds and mammals

My camera is big and bulky.  I can’t slip it in my pocket or take it in the water with me.  But I don’t mind, because it has awesome zoom capabilities, and this makes it great for taking pictures of animals in the wild.  I am very happy with this bunch of shots.

Most of these pictures were taken during my observation trips for my marine birds and mammals class, but some are terrestrial.  I will show those first.  This is a lizard of some sort.  He has lost his tail, but it should grow back with time.

And here are some swallows, perhaps en route to Capistrano?  I like these guys, they are lively and have nice color to them.

And now on to the marine stuff.  The base of the food chain is algae, but fish are what all the birds and mammals eat.  This is a school of fish-I don’t know what type.

And here are some cormorants about to chow down on them.  I really like how you can see one half under water.  This pair would dive at the same time, stay down for about a minute, and surface at the same time.

A huge group of pelicans and cormorants live on an island off shore of our lab.  This is just a small portion of the island-there was easily a thousand birds on the whole thing.  Guess what all that white stuff is.  Yeah, it is not nice when the wind is in the wrong direction.

Most of the birds in that picture were cormorants, but the pelicans are the showy ones.  We have brown pelicans here, although the adult ones generally look white around the head.

Pelicans look kind of silly, and sometimes cute, like in this first picture.   The bird in the second picture is scratching his pouch.  He did this several times, but I only barely got a picture of it.

Finally, on the way back from bird rock we saw the really cool stuff, mammals.  So we saw six seals sunning on the rocks.  Specifically, these are harbor seals.

Doesn’t he look like he is sitting there going “who, me?”  Anyway, thats all for now.  I hope you enjoyed them.


  1. Great shots, son! Thanks for doing such a great job of showing us your ‘habitat.’ Dad and I can hardly wait to visit. I am proud of your superb blogging skills. Love to you, Mom

  2. Adam, thanks again for the accounts of your islands adventures. I appreciate your taking the time to share the words and photos.
    See you soon!

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