Posted by: atomfullerene | April 12, 2008

Animals and Plants

There is a lot of pretty life around here, even above the water. Kelp below is also beautiful, but that will have to wait. The other day I also saw a pod of Orcas, but I don’t have pictures yet. That was an impressive sight though!

I do have pictures of much of the terrestrial life, and first we will look at the plants.

Nice, aren’t they? There is a huge diversity of seaweed around here, although I guess it all looks the same if you don’t know what you are looking for. But the giant kelps are impressive to anyone!

All these plants support plenty of animal life. Of course, the seashore has seashells–this one is a kelp snail. The snail’s body is bright orange, but you can’t see that here.

The seaside also is home to plenty of seagulls. Take this pretty gull sunbathing on a rock, for example….

Of course, they don’t always look so pretty. Believe me, there are some crazy gulls here too.  We had one fly down and land on the table where our TA was eating and try to grab her sandwich…three times!

I didn’t get pictures of the ravens or the swallows, both of which are very neat. I did get a good shot of the first quail I saw here, down in a drainage ditch

Aside from the birds, I happened to see this butterfly when I had my camera ready.

Thats it for now.


  1. Nice pictures! I like the little quail but those possum babies sure were cute. Good luck finding some buffalo, and not just some buffalo patties.

  2. I enjoy seeing the beautiful pictures. Hope all is going well with you. Sounds like you are having fun. Will be glad to see you. The weather here today is really cool. Also we have had some much needed rain.

    The Dogwood Arts Festival started last Friday. Really pretty this time of year.

    Love – Grandmother

  3. Hi Adam,

    What a gorgeous place! What beautiful flowers! You and your dad will have to put an album together of all the flora and fauna that the two of you have come across. I hope you are enjoying yourself!

    Take care! Angie

  4. A truly remarkable place, Adam! Dad and I are getting excited about our visit in May. Take good care of yourself and thanks for the great blogs you post. Much love, Mom

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