Posted by: atomfullerene | March 4, 2008

Tahiti Trip!!!–and some news

Today I am posting pictures from my Tahiti trip. In other news, its raining buckets here lately, and very windy. Also, the princess of Thailand stopped by. Apparently she is vacationing in Moorea and is interested in marine biology. I only saw her from kind of a distance..she looked about like your average middle aged southeast Asian woman. The Maori guys did a dance, speech, and brought out one of their carvings. I guess I should mention the Maoris, if I haven’t already-they are native New Zealanders here to carve a canoe. It’s quite an impressive canoe, maybe 70ft long and covered in some neat carvings. When finished it will be sailed from here to Chile. The Maoris are a good bunch, shy at first, but now we play soccer and hang out with them. But I digress…Back to Tahiti

Tahiti is a good deal bigger than Moorea, and you really can tell. It is possible to really get inland. We started off by driving up to the cloud forest near the top of the central mountain. There were a lot of neat tree ferns, orchids, and some spectacular views. The ferns and the orchids will have to wait for my camera cord, but I do have some nice overlook pictures.



It always amazes me how big the inside of an island can be. Anyway, next we drove back down the mountain and began our long trek into the interior of the island along a valley.



Papenoo valley is a very beautiful valley with a river in it and quite a few gorgeous waterfalls spilling over the sides of the cliffs. It is also a very exciting drive along the gravel and sometimes paved road through the valley. We went up and down 15% + grades and across the stream or sketchy bridges several times.




We lost two oxen and 48 pounds of meat fording that river…I knew we should have floated the wagon.

So we finally arrived at our destination, which was essentially a summer camp–There we even tribal names on the doors of all the cabins. I liked it.



Here we are playing mafia.

Surrounding the camp is the most amazing rainforest jungle, with lots of streams and waterfalls.






We did science too, and art. I really liked this class because of the opportunities to draw and paint.




And of course, we had fun too. I love playing in streams almost more than anything.



And thats all. I have to to go get lunch and close down this computer before the battery dies. That was a big post!


Of course,


  1. WOW

  2. Heehee-and did anyone get dysentery? Bitten by a snake? Find some wild berries? Tahiti is absolutely beautiful and I know you’re enjoying yourself. See if you can get me some dried flowers and seashells before you come home. I look forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks!

  3. Adam — the pictures art GREAT! Thanks so much for taking the time to post and blog so we can keep up with what you are getting to do. This is really the trip of a lifetime!
    Aunt Diane

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