Posted by: atomfullerene | February 25, 2008

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I had quite a day today too.  Tropical terrestrial ecology started yesterday, and I have been enjoying it.  The teacher is big on drawing things, which makes me happy.  We have been running all over the island, and learning about some land based ecology, which is a nice change for me.  Today we woke up early and drove to the other side of the island.  We climbed up to a pass on the top of the island, enjoyed some great views, and climbed down the other side.  It was quite a hike.  Then when we got back I was doing some stuff on my computer, and I had a cute little Tahitian girl sitting next to me for an hour or two (relax, Caryn, she was about 4)  I would show her my pictures-of animals, for instance, and she would tell me what they are called.  Then we had class again, and Sal gave us some good news- the university is knocking off six credit hours worth of tuition from our fees.  Its the equivalent of getting $4200!  Finally, we went bobbing for exotic fruit, which was crazy!  I lost, but yesterday when we raced crabs, I won.

Anyway, thats all for now.  Tomorrow I will be leaving for Tahiti for a few days–when I get back I should finally have some pictures.


  1. Adam – I continue to love your blogging! This latest one made me a little weepy – it’s a mom thing. Take care and have fun in Tahiti. Much love, Mom

  2. Adam, it sounds like you had a really exciting day today. So did I! Except mine involved a big dairy heifer named Gretchen and a sheep named George. Enjoy these last few weeks you get to spend in the tropics before coming back home.

  3. Atom,
    It really sounds like this is a perfect course of study for you — if only they could slip in some science fiction reading…. Anyway, sounds like you are having a great time. I am so happy for you! What language does your little 4-year old friend speak? Is it French or a native language?
    And getting the refund on a class — wow!! I’m excited to hear about your trip to Tahiti — this is something you will remember for the rest of your like! (I can just hear your grandchildren in about 60 years — “Oh, no! Grandpa is telling another of his looooong Tahiti stories!”)
    Continue to have fun and thanks for keeping us posted on your adventures!

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