Posted by: atomfullerene | February 22, 2008

The Egg and the Dance

The other day I was snorkeling, helping a friend with a project.  I was in about 5 feet of water 30-40 feet off the coast-and I found an egg sitting on the bottom.   Not a mermaid’s-purse shark egg, or mass of small fish eggs, or snail egg case; no, this was a  perfectly normal, uncracked chicken egg.  I have no idea what it was doing way out there.  Maybe this is where chicken of the sea come from.

Now on to the dance.  The other day we all traveled around the bay in order to watch a Tahitian dance group perform.  It was really quite nice-I was impressed.  It wasn’t the commercialized sort of thing you run into sometimes.  And they got some of our group up to dance, which led to some funny pictures and videos…I may try to get a hold of some of them for you all.

I was going to put in some other things, but I am having a bit of trouble uploading pictures.

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