Posted by: atomfullerene | February 11, 2008

Local Animals

I thought some of you *ahem*Caryn*ahem* would want to see pictures of various Moorean creatures, so here goes. As previously mentioned, there are a lot of dogs running around, three or so of which are attached to the station. This is Chicken, one of the main station dogs. Chicken is interesting because she has this ruff of hair on her back that always stands up. She has also been hit by a car while crossing the road three times–maybe thats why they call her Chicken….


There is also a cat who lives in our dorm to keep down the rat, gecko, and roach populations. I like the cat, although he does occasionally drop onto some people while they are sleeping. The cat is named Poisson (which is French for fish). You may be picking up on a certain naming trend at this moment.


There are also a bunch of chickens running around. Here is a representative picture, taken at the Bali High hotel and restaurant where I had a tasty burger.


Of course, all of these are domestic animals which can be found everywhere. We also have our own unique island life, including Tupas, which are big, terrestrial burrowing crabs. They dig these holes in the ground and eat grass. They aren’t very happy when you catch them and put them into a bucket. This guy’s body is about half the size of a fist.


There are also giant African land snails here.


But enough of the land animals….I also find some crazy marine ones-like this big ugly fish. I think its a stonefish or possibly a frogfish.


Speaking of fish, a couple of weeks ago I got to dive with the stingrays.  I haven’t gotten pictures of that yet from the people who took them, but when I do I will post them.  It was pretty awesome.

But fish aren’t the only neat animals we find in the ocean.  We currently have a couple of baby octopuses in the wet lab.  They are able to change color (dark, pale, speckled, yellow, and black and white banded), spit out blobs of ink(which look amazingly like octopuses) and chow down on crabs like you wouldn’t believe.  Pretty impressive for something with a tentacle spread of 2.5 inches.  The picture  doesn’t really do this one justice.



  1. Great pics of island animal life…thanks for keeping such a great blog. I think octopi is a great word…is it in Wikipedia yet?? Love, Mom

  2. Oh yes, I appreciated all of the little animals, especially the little baby chicks. Thank you Adam!

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