Posted by: atomfullerene | January 9, 2008

Ferry Tale

After ages and ages of traveling, I have finally arrived on the sunny South Pacific island of Moorea. It is incredibly beautiful here. But getting halfway around the world is no easy task, even in these modern times.

I took off on the first and flew to Los Angeles, where I met up with some of my friends from the program. We crashed in the Backpacker Adventure hotel for the night, and then went over to meet some of the other Three Seas people in their hotel. They had rented a room for the day for us to all hang out in and keep our stuff. This was important because we didn’t fly out until 11:30 PM. Here we are, all passed out.


We didn’t spend all our time in L.A. passed out though, we also walked around. And wound up visiting a discount bookstore. Wherever I go, I seem to wind up at a bookstore. However, I already had plenty of books and didn’t buy anything. In the evening we headed over to the airport with our massive pile of luggage and hopped on the plane.  The flight was 8 hours, overnight.  The plane was packed too, full of people.  But they had in-flight movies and even computer games.  There was even a nose camera on the plane connected to the video system, although there is not much to see at night over the Pacific.

Here we are departing in sunny Tahiti.  It was quite a relief to get on the ground.  But there was still much more luggage hauling to do.  We piled onto a bus, traveled to  the interisland ferry, and headed across the channel to Moorea.


Finally, we made it to Moorea.  This is as beautiful a place as I have ever been to.  The water is clear and an unbelievable shade of blue, the mountains are towering and have all sorts of crazy spires and ridges.  And under the water, the coral reefs are really something to see.


Here is a picture from our dock, looking down across the bay.  And this next picture is from this amazing overlook at the head of the bay.  We stay on the left side of this bay.   There is some neat wildlife here too.  Me being me, I took a picture of the lizard.  More pictures of stuff to follow, when I am able to get other peoples underwater pictures.


It’s some kind of gecko, beyond that, I can’t tell.

Well, I am going to be pretty busy out here.  I already have 70 species of fish to learn (I am actually learning them surprisingly fast).  You can expect me to update and to see me on the internet mostly on days I have off, simply because I am going to be pretty busy.  But don’t feel bad for me, because I will be busy doing absolutely awesome stuff!


  1. Great to see where you are, Adam! God bless.

  2. Now you must face the long dark of Moorea… be on your guard, there are older and fouler things than geckos in the deep places of the world.

  3. Hey, Bud — Glad to see you made it OK! Learn lots and keep us supplied with those great pictures… 70 fish, who knew there were so many in the world?

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