Posted by: atomfullerene | December 26, 2007

It’s about time

Well, I haven’t posted for real since I went home for Thanksgiving, and now it is Christmas! A lot has happened since then, so this is going to be a loooooong post, or possibly two posts. In fact, it will be two posts. This one will be about my house, for any of you Three Seas folks who may be reading this.

Heres a picture (from way back in during Thanksgiving) of my Dad cooking a turkey…deep frying a turkey. Theres nothing quite like suspending an enormous vat of flammable liquid over an open flame situated next to a gas tank. Incidentally, this also cooks some pretty good turkey.


I tried to find a family picture, but I don’t have a good one on my computer and in the interest of time I am not going to go hunt around for one elsewhere.  But I do have a good family, I really couldn’t ask for better.  And even though my brother Nathan is off fixing helicopters in the army and I am learning marine biology, my parents don’t exactly have an empty nest. You may hear me mention that I have lived with girls before the Three Seas. These two are half of the girls who have called my house home at some point. I just consider them sisters. We have Gerilyn on the left, and Shannon on the right. They are some of my favorite people–and certainly keep me on my toes.


I live in Knoxville, TN. Its a nice place to live, and manages to avoid both volcanoes and inbreeding, thank you very much. Its almost exactly the same size as Worcester in population, but three times it’s size in surface area (the northeast is cramped for space). Our football stadium can hold over 100,000 fans, and our area code was redone a while back to be VOL. So UT Volunteer fans are as enthusiastic as Red Socks fans, but at least civil enough not to flip cars. The big golden Sunsphere, relic of a world’s fair, is our biggest landmark.  Below is a shot of downtown K-town.


Even though Knoxville is nowhere near the ocean, invertebrates still seem to be following me around.   I was digging around for salamanders with my girlfriend, Caryn, and she found this thing.  Its a land planarian–big, slimy, and not something I was expecting to see at all.  Still, we thought it was pretty cool.


Speaking of Caryn, I figure I ought to have a picture of her up here too.  As you can see, not only does she like to do cool things like look for salamanders, she is also pretty.   caryn.jpg

Anyway, thats all I have to say about Knoxville.  Not very exotic, but it’s home.

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