Posted by: atomfullerene | November 18, 2007

Blogwars: A New Post

Now that the semester is drawing to a close a lot of work has to be done.  I have been pretty busy.  Last weekend I went with several of my housemates to a rustic cabin on the New Hampshire/Maine border.


We spent the weekend hiking around, sitting by the fire, enjoying the scenery, and surviving the lack of electricity and running water.  I haven’t had to use an outhouse since the old days at grandma Chandler’s!


The views during the hike we took on Saturday were gorgeous, as were all the brooks and rills we had to cross.




They posed some problems though- whoever maintains these trails didn’t see fit to include bridges anywhere!  We had to get creative to find ways across.


You never can tell what sort of monkey business these hiker types will get up to.


On the way back from the mountains we stopped to eat at this excellent and classic diner.  I had the obligatory cheeseburger and strawberry milkshake.  Mmmmm.


But then it was time to get back to work. This is the week we began running our botany experiment, which involves seeing if  snails eat less algae that has been contaminated by PCBs.  So we put a bunch of algae into flasks and dosed it with PCBs.  After a few days of treatment we stuck in the snails and we will see how much algae they eat.  If nothing else, it really looks scientific.


I have also been busy working on a big paper on the experiment I talked about earlier in NIGHT OF THE CRAB.  I also took a final for oceanography and worked on the final lab report.  That class is now over, which is nice-we have wednesday off now.  On thursday we dissected squid that had been frozen for the past year.  It smelled really nice.  But it isn’t all work.  Our house threw a thanksgiving feast.  Practically all the students came, and most of them brought food.  Doesn’t it look tasty?



Afterwards we played several rounds of mafia and tried to digest this enormous meal.  I know that I am thankful  for the Three Seas!


  1. Oh wow, stumbled across your site and just wanted to say how great your photos are of the great outdoors! =)

  2. I envy you and your fun but not your cold weather.

  3. Hi!

    I haven’t had a chance to check in lately…looks like you are still having the adventure of a lifetime. LOVE the Halloween costumes. AND what part of the Thanksgiving meal did you make??? That cabin looks nice–all except the “no electricity and bathroom thing”. I didn’t know that you had been subjected to the outhouse in Centerville, too! Ah, memories.
    Take care and good luck on all of your “end of semester” projects. MMMM…I think I would like have one of those obligatory burgers and shakes right now!!!
    Love ya lots, Angie

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