Posted by: atomfullerene | October 23, 2007

A multitude of Pictures

I’ve got a lot of pictures this week. The first couple are doodles in my invertebrate notebook.


Its the invertebrate gang! I’ll do a comic strip if I ever get a concept. Although I did get one concept…It’s the charge of the urchin brigade. Poor Kelp.


I also carved a pumpkin.  I wanted to do something aquatic themed.


We also went to the marsh in botany class.  The trees are starting to blush red in embarrassment at their impending nakedness, so it was very pretty.  Here’s a couple of marsh pictures.



While I was there I saw these snails all in a row.


I also saw this awesome stopsign.  Stop, Hammer Time!  I didn’t get a good shot though.  We didn’t stop long enough, ironically.  I had to darken up “hammer time” a little bit, but it was clearly there.


Back at school, it was really foggy.  This had the interesting effect of making egg island look like it was floating, even more than it does in this picture.


There was only one other thing of note this weekend, but it was really awesome.  I found a cave!  It was down on the coast, in an out of the way location.  I think we need to leave a treasure there for next year.  Lianne and I found some porphyra there (a rare algae we need for our collections).  I tried to get some pictures which would provide a good view of the cave.




Anyway, thats all for now!


  1. Adam – I know I’m your mom and am biased…but what a fantastic blog!! You’ve definitely have the eye of an artist as depicted via your photographs. It sounds like you are enjoying everyday of your gaduate studies. Take good care and know you are loved. We are eagerly looking forward to your Thanksgiving visit at home!! Love, Mom

  2. You would think your graduate student mom could spell ‘graduate’ huh?

    Great photos! Thanks for keeping us informed.

  3. You didn’t know about the new spelling of graduate? Where have you guys been?? Mom

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