Posted by: atomfullerene | October 15, 2007

Lost Tales

Another pretty good week for me, although I am afraid the same might not be true of my lizard. He somehow managed to break off the end of his tail in his cage. He’s only missing the last inch or so though, and he will grow it back. I’m not to worried about him, but it was disconcerting. I got him some chicken to eat and he really scarfed it down. I was impressed.

I’ve found a number of cool things this week. Today we went diving, and on the beach I found an almost perfectly preserved seagull skull, still with the neck attached and everything! It’s only missing the upper beak. And last weekend I found a nice sea urchin test (or shell).


Today was a very nice dive, the water was clear and the science was successful. Despite that, I took off the second dive–the first time I have skipped a dive. It’s always the diver’s perogative to skip a dive, but I did feel a little bad about doing so. It’s not really a big deal though.

The other big school related thing from this week was going on a ship for oceanography. The ship was pretty neat–almost more of a party barge than a research vessel–not that I am complaining, mind you.



We still managed to get research done though, as you can see.



In Invertebrate biology, we studied and dissected annelids. The ones you find in the ocean are a lot more impressive than earthworms. For one thing, they have legs (parapodia) and jaws. Cross an earthworm with a centipede and you will get the idea. Some people in our program have problems with worms, but they don’t bother me.

I didn’t bring my camera, so I don’t have any pictures of icky worms.

We also got assigned to create an alien invertebrate for the class…I am looking forward to having fun with that one.

But its not all work around here. We know how to have fun at our house….by making an enormous fort out of the couches and chairs! And then playing taboo inside of it. It was really quite fun.



I was impressed with our engineering skills, considering we fit eight (supposedly) grown people in that thing fairly comfortably. And after that we played apples to apples with our own made-up cards. If you know what apples to apples is, I recommend sitting down with a bunch of halved index cards and making your own version-it makes the game personalized and even more fun.


  1. Adam, You continue with a fantastic blog! Thanks! So sorry to hear about skink’s tail…hope it heals nicely. Just give him a little TLC and he’ll be fine, I’m sure. I am impressed that you don’t get seasick which is a good thing for a marine biologist. Take good care and much love to you,

  2. I like that everyone always looks like they’re having a great time.
    Sounds/looks like a fun house, too!

  3. Hi Adam! That looks like an awesome sofa fortress! I thought of you this week. In physiology, I wrote a paper on the toxins found in the Predatory Cone Snails of the Indian & Pacific Oceans. It was exciting stuff!! grace and peace…

  4. Adam, check out this MSN story…

    “Exotic creatures found in ‘coral triangle’
    Expedition to diverse sea may have turned up new species, scientists say”

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