Posted by: atomfullerene | October 9, 2007

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

I had quite the exciting Sunday, and I think this post may make some people jealous. I woke up bright and early, like I do, and found Anya and Lianne leaving to go to Boston for some whale watching. It sounded fun, so I decided to tag along. So we rode in on the train and set out (with a significant discount thanks to Becky, who is now officially awesome).


As you can see in the picture, the weather wasn’t great. In fact, the waves got so high we had to come back in. So they gave us vouchers for a free ride sometime else. I also found out that I have the stomach for marine biology. In high seas I didn’t get the least bit seasick, instead I had a snack.

After the abortive whale watch we went over to the aquarium, where Becky in her awesomeness got us in for free with her last passes and took us behind the scenes. I love to see behind the scenes, and there was plenty to see.


For example, here is a jellyfish raising tank. I got to touch a jelly. It felt–well, it felt like jelly.


I don’t know why they have soda bottles full of algae….but I think it’s pretty cool.

There were also baby fish. These are less than an inch long!


This is just a top view of one of the tanks


We also got to touch the octopus!  This octopus is a pacific octopus named George.  It felt really awesome.  The arms of an octopus are amazing, and each sucker can move and suck independently.  It definatly felt weird.  I think the octopus liked the attention too…at least, he stayed there and kept feeling us.

That’s blurry because of low light, not because the octopus freaked out.  Here’s a better picture.


One of our T.A.s, Liz, also works at the aquarium.  She got us behind the scenes to feed the turtle, Myrtle.  Myrtle is a 500lb green sea turtle.  We fed her lettuce, which she ate with a satisfying “chomp, chomp” noise.  As you can see, I am actually in this picture.


As you can see, it was a pretty amazing day.


  1. Nice blog, Adam! Your dad told me about it and I must say you lead a pretty interesting life these days! Keep up the blogging!

  2. Adam, I am glad to see you in one of these pics! I know you are having a great time doing things that you love to do. God bless you, my son…Love, Mom

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