Posted by: atomfullerene | October 8, 2007

Open House at the MSC

Its been quite an eventful weekend…eventful enough to require two posts.  So this is what I did on Saturday.  Every year the Marine Science Center has an open house, and the Three Seas program students help out.  I ran around helping at a lot of booths and learned a bit myself.  So here’s the rundown.

I started the day helping out at the touch tanks, located in the bunker.  As you can see, the kids liked the touch tanks a lot.  I mean, who wouldn’t.  A side not on kids…a lot of the professors’ little kids were running around, and they were very funny.


After the touch tanks, I was on general helper duty for a while.  So I ran around taking pictures and helping out the people who needed it.  Next to the touch tanks, also in the bunker, was a whale skeleton we have lying around.  It’s LARGE.


This next picture is of a make-your-own plankton activity.  I didn’t help with this, but I think the idea was to get it to sink slowly.


Another exhibit was CSI intertidal, where the goal was to figure out who killed various animals.  The mugshot drawings were pretty clever.



One of the coolest things I have ever seen was also present at the open house.  Joe Ayers works on robotics at the lab, and builds robotic animals.  So we have this robotic lobster!



Isn’t that neat?  It is fully submersible, remote controlled, and able to automatically deal with leg placement, water flow, and other issues with underwater movement.

After checking out the lobster, I helped direct parking.  It wasn’t that exciting, but I did see many coopers.  I had to take a picture of that.


Crazy, no?  On from the many Mini’s (side note- are there regular coopers?  mega coopers?  There should be)  I helped with algae pressing.  I just have a picture of Kimmie at the booth and none of the finished product, but algae pressing  produces some pretty results. Due to hydrocolloids like carrageen, algae sticks to paper very well when pressed.  It also retains its color.


We also had a booth on dive gear, opened up the little solar observatory, and went on a tide pool rock.  See if you can figure out which picture is of each.





  1. Adam, I know I’m biased but you are absolutely a master at blogging!! And YES…I am shocked and pleased that you are turning domestic. What?? Cleaned out the frig? But even more shocking than that…you cleaned out your room?!!? Whoa! What is this world coming to?? Much, much love to you, Mom

  2. Somebody went under a cot,
    And there they saw a bot.
    But it wasn’t a bot,
    It was a… BOT LOBSTAAA!

    (I am so, so sorry, Adam. Curse you, B-52s!)

  3. Hahahahahaha
    good call, Shanks

    And don’t worry mom, its already messy again

  4. Atom,
    This sounds like way too much fun for graduate school!! Glad you are enjoying it so much. I don’t know if I’m more impressed with the neat things you are getting to do or the fact that you cook and clean (where is my nephew and what have you done with him….)
    Grandmother and I are at the library again and have had so much fun reading your blog. You know, I’ve always hear that good readers make the best writers. Keep up the interesting blog!

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