Posted by: atomfullerene | October 8, 2007

Adam is domestic

No pictures in this post, just some things that have been going on. I know my mother will not believe it, but I have been being quite domestic lately. A few days ago I cleaned out the fridge (well worth doing–with the number of people in this house it would be easy for stuff in the back to go rotten) and also cleaned out my room. And I swept out the house and made some chili, with fritos, spinach leaves, cheddar, and sour cream to mix in. I think it turned out pretty well, to judge from the audience reaction.

The other night we also went over to the beach to have a fire. We had to carry the wood with us, but with so many people it wasn’t hard. We made some excellent smores over the fire, sat around and talked, and generally had a good time. I did miss the singing that would have happened with a CSC bunch…that may be one of the things I miss most about home. Speaking of the CSC, my housemate named Beth likes to say “Do It Now!” just like Zach Spivey. It cracks me up.


  1. My domestic son…wow!! Profuse love, Mom

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