Posted by: atomfullerene | September 28, 2007

Maine, part Deux

Ok, first a note…I am having some problems posting pictures, so if the filename of the picture is all that appears, let me know.

So it turns out the house that I am staying in is the easternmost rental property in the United States.  Canada is right over there, but without a passport I can’t visit.   Anyway, here is a picture from a lighthouse on the easternmost point. lighthouse1.jpg

Maine is very pretty and actually reminds me of the south much more than what I have seen of Mass. and New York.  The population density is lower, the towns are small and quaint, and the little corner store was blasting “Waltzing Across Texas.”   It’s the inverse of southern Florida, which is often considered not really the South.

We roamed over the island, first doing more transects for Invert class and then spending the next day hunting algae and going to an aquaculture farm.  More about the farm later.   Here’s some of the algae we found


The other big thing about this place is its crazy tidal variation.  So here are a couple of pictures from the same location at different tides.  The tide rises more than 20 feet in this location.



The seaweed  can get pretty big too.



  1. Hey, Adam. Thanks for telling me about your web blog-log. I didn’t notice anything wrong with the pictures; they loaded just fine in Firefox 2.

    Now I can finally believe you are where you say you are and this isn’t all a clever ruse to cover your escape to Siberia. How many Maine/main/mane puns so far?

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