Posted by: atomfullerene | September 26, 2007


I think I prefer hunting books to hunting worms, although there is something to be said for both. At any rate, I have sought both books and worms this weekend. On Sunday it was worms, nemertine worms. You just find a likely spice-blow lay out a thumper and watch the horizon for wormsign….no wait, that’s for sandworms. Nemertines aren’t the easiest things in the world to find, but we dug all over the mudflats looking for them. There’s a picture of Nick and Libby digging.


They are ugly beasties too. Here is on, with Libby as hand model.


At any rate, hunting for worms is dirty work, although you do get to wear some stylish boots, as Anya, Nick, and Libby demonstrate.


So that’s it for worms. We will be feeding them to fish in the future, and you will hear about them again then.

Then next day I stopped off at the totally awesome library of Nahant. It’s the third oldest in the state.


Look at that beautiful stone construction! It’s pretty on the inside too.


Okay, so that picture is kind of dark, but its the best I can do. The library is pretty awesome. In the main stacks, the floor is made of glass on the second level and there are fireplaces and exhibits on all kinds of stuff, and an actual card catalog. I found a bunch of good books, including the Chronicles of Narnia, A Brief History of Nearly Everything, and a book on the oceans.

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