Posted by: atomfullerene | September 21, 2007

Another Post

Hmm, so I have a few more things to talk about. The day after the previous post we went to the Mystic aquarium for oceanography class. The traffic was terrible but I like to travel to aquariums anyway. The picture below is of a crab from a hydrothermal vent, preserved in a jar.

Creepy, huh?

They also had jawfish! I really like these guys, and I wonder how mine is doing.

The next few pictures are also from the aquarium

This next picture is just some nice sun on the trees across the street from my house.

And this is the new setup I made for my lizard. I think he likes it! And it is easy to clean.

I also cooked beef stew! It was really good, everyone thought so. I was happy that I managed to successfully cook something so difficult. Anything else noteworthy? Hmmmm….. nothing comes to mind offhand.


  1. Atom — Your pictures are great! Ever think about entering them in a contest? The crab and the jawfish are really interesting! Glad to see your lizard’s new home — looks nice. That’s a funny poster about the snails vs crabs experiment. Do you miss your iguanas much yet?
    Take Care!

  2. Adam, Aunt Diane brought me to the library to see all the beautiful pictures and read your comments. I am so glad she did.

    I believe I told you I do not have internet access now, so I appreciate Diane bringing me down to the library.

    Have a good time and remember I love you –

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