Posted by: atomfullerene | September 17, 2007

Sunday Post

Hmm, so what has happened of late?  I went to the doc and got my ear checked out .  I got some good drugs, and it is definatly feeling better.  I didn’t miss out on any diving because of my ear either, because the weather was so bad none of us went diving.    I set up one of my experiments in the rain.  We all got very, very wet outside setting up the experiments.  To the extent that I think I will wear a wetsuit next time.  Rain jackets don’t help when water runs off the roof down your sleeves.

This morning I went to the church down the street.  It’s a United Church of Christ, which certainly isn’t the same as the Church of Christ.  It was a what I would think of as “High Church”  with vestments, vestibules,  ceremony, etc.  It never occurs to me how little ceremony our church has until I have something to compare it to.  Still, the people at the church were very friendly and welcoming, and the church itself was quite a pretty building.  I feel a bit sorry for them though…they are so few.  I guess a location on the end of an island with no parking is a little out of the way.  A certain proverb about camels and the eye of a needle might be appropriate too, considiring the average income out here.  I wish them luck growing though, because they were nice to me and gave me cookies.

On a completely different topic, my oceanography textbook has examples using play dough…play dough!  If all my textbooks were like that I would think things were to easy.  But as it is, its just a nice change from the rest.  Whew!

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