Posted by: atomfullerene | September 17, 2007

Botany Class


This is the place where we collected our algae.  It is named No Name Point.  I’m not exactly sure how this is possible.


Here’s a close up of our lovely tide pools.  Most of the brown stuff you see is Ascophyllum nodosum, the most common seaweed in these parts.  I could tell you more about it than you really want to know.


I though this was a nice shot of the lighthouse visible from the island.


This is us looking over samples back in the lab.  We try to key out the algae, and we also pressed some.  Its pretty interesting, although invertebrates are more interesting.  You’d be surprised to know all the things you can discover about algae.  For example, Carl discovered that you can use the floats as squirt guns.


That’s Carmel, looking very intently at something.  Look at all that lovely algae up in front too!


  1. Adam, thanks for the pics! I like your bedroom – very sunny.
    Looks like you’re having your kind of fun – glad it’s going well.

  2. Adam…the pics are great! You’re doing a great job keeping us informed as to what’s going on with you and I appreciate that! You are quite the photographer…I especially love the lighthouse pic and the one of your room without closets.

    Take good care, son, and remember how precious you are to Dad and me.

  3. Adam, I love reading about your adventures. I asked your mom to send me your blog. Whenever I see Sam I will show it to him. (I think he still lives with us) Enjoy everyday!

  4. Hey, Atom,
    I just got your website from your Mom. I really enjoyed reading about all the new adventures you and the skink are having. Your room looks great — lots of light and sun! Glad you are enjoying your classmates and classes. That library sounds cool! Can you get some pictures of that? And I’m impressed that you cooked dinner! (Did you fry any of that yummy-looking seaweed?)
    The weather has turned cooler here – a little like fall. Nice.
    Keep up this great blog! It’s a wonderful way to let us all know what a great time you are having!
    Much love!

  5. Hey Adam,

    Rob and I looked through your pictures. They are really great. It is nice to actually see what you are doing there. You are getting to live in a very nice area of the country! I get updates from your Dad and Granny about you adventures. I know that YOU know how fortunate you are to have such an opportunity. Enjoy every minute and keep journaling. Someday you can look back and read about all the wonderful things you did “way back when”! I am very proud of you and all of your accomplishments. I feel like you are one of my own children, and I pray that God will continue to bless you with many more fantastic journeys to come.
    Love you!!! Angie

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