Posted by: atomfullerene | September 8, 2007

It’s hard to come up with these things

I’m mainly posting this in an attempt to keep a regular schedule of blogging.  It’s not that things haven’t happened, it’s just that I don’t really know what to write about.  So this is liable to be rather stream-of-conciousness and not well written.  My classes so far have been pretty enjoyable, I have gotten to muck about in tide pools and hunt down stuff.  I really like that everyone else here is into that sort of thing.  We all remark about how our friends thought we were weird for doing that.  I have taken invertebrate and botany classes, and a seminar on how to get a job after college.  I will need to brush up on my scientific name memorization.

I also got Zach to drive me out to the dive shop to get my wetsuit.  It was about an hour to get out there in the traffic, so i am very grateful.  I finally got one that fits, but its a pain to get the hood off.  I will definatly need someone pulling on the other end.  I also got a library card and a couple of books, including one by Robert Heinlin.  Turns out one of my classmates is actually related to the author!  I also got to thinking what a classic small town this is (granted, it is more upscale)  The library keeps your library card in an oldschool card catalog, you can ride your bike everywhere and leave it unlocked outside the corner store, run by a family of immigrants.  People wave at you on the street.  All the sort of stereotypical things.  Speaking of people waving on the street, the north is stereotypically considered more unfriendly or at least withdrawn than the south.  However I think that reputation has more to do with the size of the community.  The more urban an area, the less likely people are to be overtly friendly to strangers (as a rough rule).  And the northeast is a lot more urban than the southeast.


  1. I figured that you had already gone and explored the library. Good, good. Guess what?? It’s game day! Waahoo! I have a few hours before I need to be down at the band room in my uniform. Look for a *letter* in the mail next week.

  2. Glad to hear you get to do what you really enjoy, and to do it in such a neat place. Sounds like an idyllic New England community. While I know very little about marine life, and even less about science, I’m really glad there are smart guys like you out there paying attention to it. I hope it continues to be enjoyable.

  3. Thanks for writing your blog even though it’s not your favorite thing to do! It sounds like you are off and running to a great start in graduate school. Keep us posted!! Your mom and dad love you profusely.

  4. Love the blog, Adam! Thanks for keeping us involved in your adventurous life. I, for one, am living vicariously through you!! Can’t wait to see beautiful pictures and hear cool stories. grace and peace…

  5. Adam! It is so wonderful to be updated with is happening in your exciting new school! Everything sounds wonderful and I know you are loving every minute of it!

  6. Adam! HELLOOO!! Glad to hear things are going well for you! How does it feel to be up there?

  7. Adam, I love your blog!

  8. Adam,
    Your blog is fantastic and fascinating! (I am also greatly relieved to find yet another use for algae!) The photographs are great as are your notes – so glad to hear you are enjoying EVERYTHING!
    What do Nemertine worms feed on and are they limited to that part of the coastline?

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