Posted by: atomfullerene | September 6, 2007

Moved in

Yesterday I moved into my new house. It’s a nice little place just around the corner from our school. It looked small, but there is plenty of room inside for all six of us. My room is interesting…it’s not a bedroom, instead it is a sunroom. So I have a lot of windows, and even a little bit of an ocean view. But no closet. In fact, the house didn’t have much of any furnishing, so yesterday I spent most of the day helping Sal and a couple other students haul furniture from various places into the house, and he treated us to lunch at this little Mexican place in town.

I have also met the whole group by now, as well as my professors. They seem like a good bunch, and they have been fun to hang out with so far. Ask me in two months about their favorite things, quirks, and annoying habits. My room is a mess right now, but that is because I am still trying to unpack. I hope I actually get it clean, but I’m not counting on it.

So much for the nuts and bolts of the past couple of days, now on to the interesting stuff. Being the person that I am, I went to visit the library on the island asap. And it rocks. It’s the third oldest in the state, made of stone, and crammed full of books and historical artifacts. Most of the books are in the back, in a room that is three stories high. The shelves are iron and divided by narrow passages. The second floor is made of glass and suspended on iron connectors between the shelves-an elegant solution to lack of space. The other house, a crazy old Victorian mansion sort of thing, is right next door to it. I had been looking forward to living next to a library, but I cant complain about our neighbors. They include the billionaire president of some big company (I forget which), the first surgeon to perform a corneal reattachment (in a house provided by someone who’s sight he restored), and an infamous mobster (currently in jail, but set to come home to die soon).


  1. Thanks for setting up the blog! I hope you’ll post lots of photos as your journey progresses.

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